3 Must-Have Items that Brides Forget on their Wedding Day

Between the adrenaline rush and pre-wedding jitters, it’s only natural that one or two things escape a bride’s mind when packing for the big day. Today, we’re sharing the advice we give to our clients about the must-have items to bring to the wedding venue.

Getting Ready Clothes: While your wedding dress will steal the show, the first outfit you will need is a comfortable, chic look to wear while getting ready. You’ll most likely be photographed in this outfit while you and your girls get your hair and makeup done. Beyond expressing your personality, we also recommend choosing an outfit that you can remove without pulling over your beautifully styled hair. Matching silk bridal party robes, custom denim jackets, or monogrammed button down shirts are all functional and make for adorable getting-ready wedding photos.

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes: Wedding days are extremely long, and you will most likely be on your feet for most of the day…but there is nothing more distracting than aching feet. To ensure you are able to focus on this most special day, we recommend packing the following shoes: comfy shoes while getting ready, heels for wedding photos and your ceremony (and however much longer your feet can take them!), a backup set of heels in case a heel breaks, and chic, white flat shoes or bedazzled sneakers so you can boogie on the dance floor all night long.

Going Home Clothes: Having a clean, comfortable, and warm set of clothes to change into at the end of the evening will make your exit as well-planned as your magical entrance.

Without fail, these items will make a huge impact on how your special day unfolds. You are going to look stunning, and just as important, we hope these tips will help you relax and feel comfortable too.

Team IAE

Ilana Ashley Events: 3 Must-Have Items that Brides Forget on their Wedding Day