4th of July Party: Your Childhood Summer Favorites Get an Adult Twist

It’s officially summer and with the season of sunshine comes the oh-so familiar tradition of celebrating our country’s independence. We find the American classic barbecue, filled with freshly cooked hot dogs in warm, soft buns and cold drinks, vividly reminds us of our best childhood memories where summer fun was the only thing on the agenda. We have the perfect suggestions for adding a fun adult twist to classic 4th of July party childhood summer activities that will have all your guests feeling like a kid again.

Water Balloon Toss: Beat the heat and get everyone into that competitive spirit by filling up some red, white and blue balloons and take part in a water balloon toss. Have your guests team up and toss the balloons back and forth as they take a step back each time. By the end of this game, there is a chance you might be in a full blown water balloon fight.

Pie Eating Contest: There is nothing more classic Americana than apple and cherry pies. Set up your contest on an adorable picnic bench with red, white and blue decor to invoke patriotic spirit and get to eating! Whether you decide to have your guests tie their hands behind their back and eat only with their face, or make it a relay, having each teammate eat a slice before the next one can start, your guests will definitely love this delicious competition.

Childhood Drink Recipe Contest: Take a trip down memory lane by having your guests bring their favorite childhood summer refreshments with an adult twist. Have the spiked refreshments out for your guests to taste and judge for themselves. Whoever wins gets all the glory of being the ultimate drink recipe master! Of course, have non-spiked options available too so everyone can get in on the fun.

Slip and Slide: Have your guests slip into their swimsuits and beat the heat by heading down that slip and slide. Turn this fun childhood pastime into exciting competition by having inflatable bowling pins set up at the end of the slide. Whoever knocks down the most pins with the best style wins!

Remember to have an Americana playlist as the soundtrack to your unforgettable party and an abundance of 4th of July decorations to introduce a patriotic feel. Your friends can refuel for the fantastic games you have planned with classic American food, including hamburgers, corn on the cob, and watermelon on a stick. With fun activities, your 4th of July party is bound to be the definition of an awesome summer extravaganza.

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