Conference Planning: 3 Venue Must-Haves

A conference can be absolute drudgery or it can be a chance to update your knowledge, engage in business networking, and catch up with colleagues - and the difference often rests with the venue. No matter the type of conference you are organizing, finding a venue that eliminates any hassle for your attendees is key. Here are some tips for succeeding at this task:

Location, Location, Location: Choose a venue that your attendees will want to stay at for an extended period of time - think amenities, spacious hotel rooms, and good customer service. If a significant number of attendees are traveling from out of town, make sure your venue is also at a convenient location, near a major airport or railway station. If the venue itself doesn’t have adequate room availability, confirm that there are sufficient housing options nearby to avoid long commutes for your attendees. Choosing a part of the city that is close to fun tourist attractions, nightlife, or natural beauty will give your attendees ample options for entertainment during their free time.

Food and Drink: Ensuring your guests are well-fed and hydrated is important to keeping them happy and helping them stay focused. Inquire with the venue about its catering options, including snacks and a variety of meal options that are healthy and delicious. Remember to request multiple beverage stations filled with water, lemonade, and most importantly, coffee. Having your attendees awake and alert is key to your conference’s success.

Conference Space: Ensure the venue has a sufficient number of both large conference rooms, small break-out rooms, and other needed spaces for the conference activities. After finalizing the itinerary, reserve the rooms needed for your presenters, meals, and after-hour parties.

Considering these variables when selecting a venue will help create a more successful, engaging, and positive conference experience. No doubt, your attendees will be talking about your conference for years to come.

Team IAE

Ilana Ashley Events: Conference Planning: 3 Venue Must-Haves