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How to Use Wedding Decor Rentals to Elevate Your Wedding

You selected a gorgeous venue but you’re eager to make it even more sophisticated and to transform the space so that it feels like your own. Many brides get stuck at this point as they’re not sure what wedding decor items, besides flowers, can make their vision really come to life. We counsel our clients that selecting specialty table linens, chairs, and lighting can help create the perfect ambiance for their wedding.

Table Linens

The texture and color of your table linens will add to the overall “Wow” moment when your guests enter the reception space. As they sit down to dinner and see and feel the luxurious linens up close, they will again be impressed by your attention to detail.

Chair Rentals

Your chairs can accentuate both the palette and tone of your wedding. For example, including gold wedding chairs will add a sense of luxury to a classy blush and gold affair compared to selecting the venue’s standard white chairs. Similarly, selected open-backed reception chairs will create more of an open feeling in your reception space, drawing your guests’ eyes to your exquisite table design.

Lighting Design

A good lighting consultant can create a cohesive look for your entire affair. Whether you choose romantic chandelier lights hanging from trees or dramatic uplights below draped fabric, the lighting will set the mood for your special day. A thoughtful lighting design also enables your photographer to snap stunning photographs throughout the night.

Once you’ve decided to use specialty table linens, chairs, and lighting to create a magical atmosphere for your guests, extend that ambiance throughout your entire event by including these wedding decor rentals in your ceremony and cocktail hour as well. Your guests will be amazed at what you’ve planned!


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