Out of the Ordinary Dessert Ideas

Birthdays, engagement parties, and other significant events all have one sweet treat in common…cake. While it seems that cake has the monopoly on dessert, there’s a plenitude of other fun options to choose. Use your dessert as the perfect opportunity to add that final splash of “Wow!” to your next special event. Here are some of our favorite party dessert ideas:

  • For a Curious George monkey-themed gender reveal party (see event photos here), we went bananas over frozen bananas dipped in chocolate topped with rainbow sprinkles and diced peanuts. As it matched the adorable theme, it was the perfect dessert to tie together the end of a fun celebration.

    Hannah’s Bananas

  • Big outdoor gatherings during these hot summer months are just begging for a cold dessert. Help your guests beat the heat with a ‘make-your-own’ ice cream sandwich station. Chunk-N-Chip, the expert of a craft ice cream sandwich dessert, provides a wide array of oven warm, ooey-gooey cookies and fresh, artisanal ice cream. Your guests will love crafting (and eating!) their very own ice cream sammich (see event photos here).


  • Having fresh mini donuts made to order, with a full array of creative flavors, is an original way to elevate a fan favorite for sophisticated events (see event photos here). We love when The Fry Girl arrives toward the end of a party and gives guests something warm and delicious to close the night.

    The Fry Girl

Whatever your next event may be, get creative with your dessert menu. While cake seems to be the permanent staple for life events, your guests will love your little rebellion. When you give your guests a bite of dessert that is out of the ordinary, and really extraordinary, they’ll definitely be asking you for seconds.

Team IAE

Ilana Ashley Events: Out of the Ordinary Dessert Ideas