An Inside Scoop On the Hidden Gems of Bel Air Bay Club

Over the years, IAE has planned events at some of the most sought after venues in Los Angeles but we always love returning to where we began – Bel-Air Bay Club. I first began my career as the On-Site Events Coordinator at this beautiful venue. Throughout the years, I discovered some of the hidden gems that the Bel-Air Bay Club has to offer. If you are planning an affair at this idyllic beach-side venue, here are some tips to help you with your special event.

Crowd Pleasers on the Menu: While the menu is full of amazing delicacies, these are the items that consistently wowed our guests…

Martini Masher Station: Just thinking about this makes my mouth water! Guests can choose from regular, sweet, or purple mashed potatoes to fill their martini glass and then customize their order with a selection of gourmet toppings, such as crispy onions, roasted garlic, and perfectly aged cheeses, savory proteins, including fried chicken or shrimp, and delicious sauces, including truffle butter or creamy pesto. My favorite concoction was mashed sweet potatoes, all of the toppings, fried chicken, and truffle butter. Yummy in my tummy!

Mostaccioli Pasta: While we can go on and on about the delectable meat and fish options, it is rare to find a vegetarian option that is just as flavorful. This dish bursts with the savory flavors of asparagus, olives, artichokes, spinach, and oven-roasted tomatoes, all mixed in an undeniably delicious pesto cream sauce. It’s so good that your meat-loving friends will wish they had chosen the vegetarian option.

Floor Plan: Bel-Air Bay Club’s outdoor and indoor spaces are stunning, but figuring out how to utilize the space for your event can be challenging. Here are some floor plan tricks that dazzled our clients…

Band & Dance Floor: Tuck the band near the bay windows and place the dance floor in the middle of the ballroom, making it the center of your space and easily accessible by all of your guests. This makes even a large event feel intimate and inclusive.

Outdoor Aisle Placement (wedding only): While the obvious choice on the lawn is facing the Pacific Ocean, we love centering the aisle between the two palm trees directly facing Malibu. Your altar will be perfectly framed by the large palm trees and the lighting will allow your photographer to more easily capture the picturesque ocean view during your ceremony.

Returning with clients to Bel-Air Bay Club is always delightful. I love working with my former colleagues and using my venue-specific experience to dazzle our clients and their guests. If you choose Bel-Air Bay Club for your next event, hopefully these tips will help make your event even more unforgettable.


Ilana Ashley Events: An Inside Scoop On the Hidden Gems of Bel Air Bay Club