Incorporating Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year into Your Celebration

Described as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge,” the Pantone color of the year, Living Coral, is the perfect color to complement every season. No matter the time of year of your celebration, you can find creative ways to use this uplifting color.

Romantic Winter Color Palette
Navy, light blue, & coral

With navy as your primary color, sprinkle accents of coral throughout your celebration. Consider using a navy blue linen and light blue charges for your reception tables. Glass vases with coral shades of delicate camellia flowers, lush dahlias, and bright Abraham Darby roses will add the splash of color you need to brighten each table. As winter nights can be chilly, offer soft coral-colored wraps to keep your guests warm.

Vibrant Spring Color Palette
Coral, blue-green, & gold

Set expectations for a lively spring event with blue-green invitations accented with coral details and finished with curvaceous gold script. Carry this beautiful color scheme into your reception by using blue-green table linens with coral chargers and gold cutlery. Create eye-catching ombre centerpieces ranging from crisp whites to sunset pink that terminate in coral dahlias.

Bright Summer Color Palette
Pink, coral, yellow, & gold

Summer is the perfect time for a tropical color combination. Play with bright florals, including coral Hawaiian hibiscus, that can be accented with giant palm fronds. Select coral napkins and accent your tablescape with cutlery and glassware in gold hues. To keep your guests cool on hot summer nights, provide monogrammed coral-colored fans.

Warm Autumn Color Palette
Coral, burgundy, orange, & green

Encapsulate the autumn season by lining banquet-style walnut tables with garlands of myrtle and olive leaves. Utilize plump pomegranates and rich-colored berries accented with coral charm peonies to add depth and light to your tablescape. Flickering candles in mercury glass votives will lend a magical glow to your event ambiance. To match the cool autumn days, choose decor items in darker shades of burgundy and orange interspersed with splashes of coral.

No matter the season of your celebration, being inspired by Pantone’s color of the year is the perfect way to enliven the color palette for your 2019 event.

Team IAE

Ilana Ashley Events: Incorporating Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year into Your Celebration