Kids’ Birthday Party Themes: Tips & Tricks

Some of the most magical childhood memories are the birthday parties that our parents threw for us. Whether it was a baseball bonanza or a majestic mermaid party, celebrating our special birthday with a theme of something we truly adored made us feel so loved. Now, it’s your turn to make your little one’s birthday as memorable and unique as they are. Here are some tips for your kid’s next party, including how to incorporate their birthday party themes flawlessly.

Creative Details: Sprinkle creative details that relate to your theme throughout the party. Start by brainstorming color scheme ideas, and then determine other opportunities to give your event a cohesive feel. For a “Queen Bee” birthday party, use a honeycomb shape cutout as party favor labels and “Bee Sweet” signage design for the dessert table; we promise it will have the rest of your hive buzzing.

Children’s Activities: Today is all about your child so make sure that no matter their age, they and their little friends have fun. For a Winnie the Pooh first birthday (see party photos here!), we created The Hundred Acre Wood play area featuring soft play mats covered with incredibly soft shag rugs and stacked with overflowing buckets containing Winnie the Pooh toys, books, and stuffed animals. Combined with a bubble machine and ball pit, the kids were in heaven. And don’t forget the adults - consider hiring live music, like a bluegrass band to add to the rustic ambiance.

Party Menu: Keep your little guests going with some healthy options, like watermelon sticks or veggies cut in shapes. Of course, make sure to delight their little taste buds with whimsical desserts to satisfy their sweet tooth. For example, cotton candy on a stick and sweet kettle corn act as the perfect accents for a circus themed birthday party. And don’t forget the adults! Curate an elevated food and beverage menu, such as a charcuterie and cheese board and a signature strawberry jalapeno margarita, allowing your friends to nibble and sip with delight while watching their kids.

Fun Party Favors: When it comes to the end of your kid’s celebration, don’t forget to send your guests home with a last touch of fun. Select fun favors the kids will love to play with, like a golden crown for a Where The Wild Things Are birthday party; your little party goers will certainly enjoy wearing them on their ride back home.

Whichever birthday themes you select, have fun creating a one-of-a-kind event that mirrors the uniqueness of your special buddy. As you integrate clever details throughout your party and delight your guests with food, drinks, and entertainment, the adults will leave happy and the kids will leave tired…making it a birthday win-win for everyone.

Team IAE

Ilana Ashley Events: Kids’ Birthday Party Themes: Tips & Tricks