Monkeying Around at this Curious George Gender Reveal Party

It was everything but monkey business when planning this fun ‘Aren’t You Curious’ Curious George-themed Gender Reveal Party. From selecting the jungle-theme decor, curating a bite-sized menu, and ensuring entertaining family activities, we delighted in creating this exciting event for the new parents-to-be. Read more to learn about this celebration and all of it’s Curious-George inspired details.

Monkeying Around with Decor
Upon arrival, guests were greeted with larger than life balloons in the party colors of pink, blue, and yellow. Vibrant greens coupled with bright yellow florals created a jungle paradise throughout the event space. With childlike rhymes written on chalkboard easels, guests were transported back to childhood.

More Fun than a Barrel of Monkeys
As this event was a family affair, we ensured fun activities for both young and old to enjoy. Inspired by the classic Curious George Flies a Kite, guests guessed the sex of the baby by choosing a pink or blue kite to decorate and hang on the giant, lush greenery wall. We created a Kids’ Corner filled with Curious George books, children’s toys, and a life-sized stuffed monkey for the children to cuddle. To bring in a cultural aspect, guests wrote notes for the child to read at age 13 when celebrating its Jewish Ba? Mitzvah. It was the perfect atmosphere for the little kiddos to curiously monkey around.

Mini Menu
The brunch menu was filled with bite-sized breakfast items and lunchtime littles, such as truffle French fries and grilled cheese sandwiches. Fresh juices, such as blood orange and grapefruit, filled glass decanters on a decorated bar cart, and custom mimosas and Bloody Mary’s were sipped by the adults. The carnival-style dessert cart was decorated in green vines, bananas, and a field of daffodils and was overflowing with pink and blue cake pops displayed in sprinkle-filled glass vessels. Frozen chocolate covered banana bites, dipped in peanuts, Oreos, and sprinkles, brought out the inner monkey in everyone.

Gender Reveal in 3,2,1…
With the kids gathered around the sweet couple, Grandma led the little monkeys in a countdown from 10 to 1. At this moment, the couple cut into their baby monkey cake and balloons soared behind them…revealing they were pregnant with a sweet baby girl!

After the big reveal, the air was filled with so much joy and happiness as everyone celebrated the exciting news. After a fun -filled morning, guests took home custom Monkey Munch (trail mix) as a delicious ‘thank-you’ for swinging by. Check out the full event gallery to see all of the monkey fun.

Team IAE

Ilana Ashley Events: Monkeying Around at this Curious George Gender Reveal Party