Out-of-the-Box Decor Ideas for Your Venue

No matter how many times we utilize the same venue, we love transforming the space each time so that it reflects the personality and style of our clients. Here are some out-of-the-box suggestions for altering your venue so that it mirrors your individuality for your special occasion.

If your venue has an outdoor fireplace, we love the look of projecting a personalized monogram on the chimney. For a more personal touch, project a black and white silent movie or a montage comprised of photos and home videos. For a fireplace with a mantel, place decor on it. You can add several small floral arrangements dotted with flickering votive candles or a garland of eucalyptus leaves paired with glowing candles in hurricane vases of various heights. Adding framed photos makes for a sweet, personal touch.

Water Feature
Guests frequently gather around ambiance fountains because of the relaxing sound of the flowing water. Personalize this feature by adding lush bouquets of flowers that cascade from one tier to the next. You can add floating candles as well, but be sure to pick candles with a glass surround to keep the flames from being extinguished by the splashing water.

Chandeliers are commonplace in venue spaces, and while they add sparkle to the event, they present an opportunity for you to direct your guests’ eyes upwards and tie together your room. Wrapping an iron chandelier in dripping greenery accented with flowers is sure to impress your guests.

While exploring decor ideas for your venue, don’t limit yourself to just the tables. Consider the unique features of your space and then brainstorm how to highlight them. By creatively working with the space, you can transform any venue into a gorgeous reflection of your aesthetic and personality.

Team IAE

Ilana Ashley Events: Out-of-the-Box Decor Ideas for Your Venue