St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas That Bring Out the Irish in Everyone

While St. Patrick’s Day began as a holiday to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland, it has transformed into a day filled with 4 leaf clovers, corned beef hash, and green beer. We love thinking up different ways to be festive, so here are some fun and unique ways to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day this year.

St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl
Start the night at your place with some classic Irish drinks. One of our favorites is an Irish coffee, the perfect drink before a cold night out. Make sure all your guests are equipped with the green they will need to avoid getting pinched at the pub; your friends will surely be grateful if you stock up on green bowler hats, beads, and custom temporary tattoos. Map out your destinations before to avoid any confusion and to keep the night flowing smoothly. Make sure to designate someone to keep the group together - it can be a madhouse.

Intimate Dinner
Create an Irish-inspired intimate evening for two. Light a fire to add a romantic touch. Switch out the classic wine and steak for a famous Irish dish like corned beef hash paired with a flight of Irish beers. We love the idea of using candles and candle holders to bring in gold accents to complete a lush green tablescape. Finish off the evening with a sweet note with an Irish-inspired dessert, like a yummy brioche bread and butter pudding.

Kids’ Party
Celebrate the unique culture of Ireland with your kiddos by using its mythology as inspiration. Let them enjoy a hunt for the pot of gold. Scatter gold coins (perhaps filled with chocolate) throughout your space, with one big container filled to the brim. The kids will love finding the hidden gems and will feel like little leprechauns chasing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

No matter how you choose to spend St. Patrick’s Day, we hope it’s filled with lots of green food, rainbows, and of course, pots of gold.

Luck to you,
Team IAE

Ilana Ashley Events: St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas That Bring Out the Irish in Everyone