Why the Post-Wedding Brunch May be the Highlight of Your Wedding Weekend

Planning your wedding day is a gargantuan feat in and of itself so it’s understandable that many couples opt not to add a post-wedding brunch the morning after their big day to their never ending to-do list. However, there may be advantages to this final farewell that you may not be seeing in the haze of vendor meetings. So before you skip out on a post-wedding brunch, we wanted to share some reasons why it may just be a highlight of your wedding celebration.

Why Host a Post-Wedding Brunch?

Your wedding day will likely be a whirlwind and you may miss out on speaking with every guest who came to celebrate with you. A post-wedding brunch ensures that you have the chance to share a special moment with many who joined you on your special day. The quiet of the morning is also the perfect opportunity to say thank-you to your friends and family for making the trip.

Guest List

The post-wedding brunch is typically an intimate affair. With a larger wedding, consider inviting only your immediate family, wedding party, and out-of-towners. If your wedding was small or a destination celebration, we recommend including everyone.


Most out-of-town guests will be checking out of their hotels by 11AM and leaving for the journey home by early afternoon, at the latest. Selecting a time in the early morning to early afternoon, typically 10AM to 1PM, balances everyone’s desire to sleep in with their need to not miss their flight.


Choose a location that is convenient for your guests who will be attending the post-wedding brunch. Popular options include the hotel where most of your guests are staying, someone’s home, or a nearby restaurant. Making it simple and easy for your loved ones is key.

Breakfast of Champions

Send your favorite people off with some delicious treats as a final way to say ‘thank you’ for their participation in your special day. Cold food spreads - bagels and smoked fish, fruit platters, yogurt and granola - as well as hot food stations - omelets, freshly baked donuts, a waffle bar - will delight your guests. Include some coffee and orange juice and your friends and family will be in heaven.

We know that you’ve put so much time and effort into every detail of your wedding day. A post-wedding brunch is one more way to honor your generosity as a couple and delight the people who love you two the most. You won’t regret sending off those who made your magical day possible with a proper and lovely goodbye.

Team IAE

Ilana Ashley Events: Why the Post-Wedding Brunch May be the Highlight of Your Wedding Weekend