Wickedly Wonderful Halloween Dinner Party Ideas

As All Hallow’s Eve draws near, you may be considering hosting a gathering of your favorite ghouls and ghosts. Creating an eerily elegant setting for your Halloween dinner party will seem enchantingly easy with these frighteningly simple ideas:

Creepy Color themes

Forgo the expected orange and black color scheme and select an unexpected color palette for your soirée. Black is a must to bring that moody feeling to the space. Then choose two to three other colors that will help create the spooky feeling you want to achieve. We recommend highlighting the decadent colors of autumn with stormy greys, rich purples, earthy browns, and emerald green accents.

Conjure a Spooky Atmosphere

Set the mood for your evening by skipping those bright overhead lights in favor of flickering candlelight glow around the dinner table. Get creative with your table decor by choosing unique candlestick holders, including antique-looking candle holders or glass bottles of varying sizes and shapes.

Cocktail Concoction Station

Bring out your guests’ inner potion maker with a rolling bar cart. Style your cart with haunting touches by displaying your liquor in crystal glass decanters and feature creative drinking glasses, such as blood red goblets. Swap your typical glassware for a single dose vial of your ‘secret potion’ or a goblet filled with wine.

Halloween Dinner with Devilish Delights

The devil is in the details, so select items for your menu that will impart a hair-raising experience for your guests. Create a charcuterie board for your guests to munch on, piling various cheeses, grapes, toasts, nuts and salami on a silver platter. Perfectly balance spooky with delicious by serving squid ink pasta. For dessert, chose the classic treat of elegantly dipped caramel candy apples.

Get creative this All Hallow’s Eve and spook your guests by transforming your Halloween dinner party into a wickedly wonderful soirée they won’t be able to stop howling about. In the dim candlelight glow, your guests will lose themselves in the evening while devouring your delicious treats and exchanging ghost stories. We’re deathly excited to see what ghoulish concoctions you whip up this year!

Happy Haunting,
Team IAE

Ilana Ashley Events: Wickedly Wonderful Halloween Dinner Party Ideas