Ilana Ashley Events - Kate and Stephen Testimonial - wedding portrait bride and groom on stone steps with bouquet


Planning a California wedding from across the country in NYC is no easy feat. But Ilana is truly amazing at what she does, and hiring IAE was the best decision we ever made (and the best money we ever spent!). Her professionalism, organization, attention to detail and knowledge of the industry were simply amazing! She kept us on track throughout the planning stages, and referred vendors who exceeded our expectations.

During the weeks leading up to our wedding, we were able to sit back and relax while she finalized every last detail. On our wedding day, we showed up to the venue and everything was taken care of, down to the tiniest of detail. There was not one ounce of stress or worrying, and we were able to enjoy every moment.

Ilana and the IAE team took our wedding and turned it into a more beautiful event than we could have ever imagined! We cannot thank them enough! The service of IAE is top notch, and Ilana is one of the sweetest people we have ever met. We even gained a new friend in the process!

Love & Thanks,

Kate & Stephen

Ilana Ashley Events - Shira and Andrea Testimonial - bride in strapless wedding dress sweetheart neckline necklace earrings


Having been inundated with horror stories from friends about budget wedding planners, but also working with a limited budget, I was thrilled when I discovered IAE’s à la carte consulting option. Based on my priorities, IAE recommended a concise list of vendors, drastically curbing an otherwise overwhelming process….and I ended up with an absolute dream team! The IAE team asked insightful and provocative questions, and then created a floor plan and vision board that encompassed my style and gave me a clear direction for design. IAE attended key vendor meetings and reviewed the decisions I was making periodically to ensure that the look I was curating was cohesive and true to my vision. In the end, our wedding day was magical. Our ceremony was emotionally charged, the décor was whimsical and sweet (we had handmade watercolor escort cards held in place by fresh lemons and limes), the food and drinks were out of this world (10 custom cocktails, home brewed beer, and food trucks!), and the reception was a huge dance party (our guests loved rockin’ out to the Duck Tales theme song). I can say with absolute certainty that none of this would have been possible without Ilana and her team. I highly recommend IAE’s consulting plan to any bride with a limited budget.


Ilana Ashley Events - Sami and Kris Testimonial - black and white photo fairmont miramar hotel and bungalows wedding portrait


We were truly blown away by the work of Ilana and her team. Our day was perfect not only for us, but for all of our guests as well. We had a very specific vision for our wedding, and Ilana executed it perfectly. She is not only incredibly experienced and organized, she is also a warm, loving person, who will be there for you with whatever you need throughout the wedding planning process. From day one, we felt like we could confide in her with any and all concerns, and she would immediately put us at ease. She is the perfect balance between a seasoned professional and loving friend. We were beyond thrilled by her work, and highly recommend her to anyone and everyone! We love you Ilana!

Sami & Kris

Ilana Ashley Events - Jill Testimonial - baby shower gender reveal party curious george theme harbor boats in backdrop

Baby Shower

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for planning such a beautiful, warm, fun and most special event! I so loved the party, all the attention to detail, and working with you and your team! All the guests had an amazing time, especially the mommy-to-be, and everyone commented on all the darling details! I’m still floating on a cloud of bliss! Words cannot express my gratitude! Simply perfection!



Ilana Ashley Events - Jan and Michael Parents of Bride Testimonial - bride and groom with parents of bride blue dress suit

Parents of
The Bride

Dear Ilana,

We can’t thank you enough for all of your guidance during the wedding planning process and during the event itself! It was a flawless day far exceeding any of our expectations! You
were a delight to work with always honoring our wishes for more or less involvement and had the perfect sensibility of letting us know which ‘extras’ were important or simply nice to have. We wouldn’t have changed a thing and we are so grateful.


Jan & Michael

Ilana Ashley Events - Jaci and Matt Testimonial - wedding portrait in front of rose bush stone wall bride hair down long veil


To put it simply, we couldn’t have done it without Ilana. Our wedding day was absolute perfection and we honestly attribute it to Ilana’s flawless execution, business/industry knowledge, and meticulous attention to detail. Working with Ilana and her team was the absolute best decision we made in our wedding planning process. From our very first call, to our goodbye at the end of our wedding night we always knew we were in extremely capable hands. In a process that can be extremely emotional with so many moving pieces we always knew that Ilana had our best interests at heart and it allowed us to truly enjoy the planning process, as well as our big day.

I will never forget Ilana sharing that on our wedding day her job was to “protect” us. Protect in the sense of ensuring that we were able to fully enjoy each moment, each other, and not worry about logistics or anything that should come up. It was such a refreshing perspective and it exceeded my expectations on how Ilana and her team delivered upon that promise in every sense of the word. We look back on our day and truly cannot say one negative thing about it - we wouldn’t change anything.

Oh and did we mention that we LOVE Ilana? Like as a human being, Ilana is pretty much one of the best. Whether it be bonding over our mutual love for spreadsheets or nerding out over details….we loved partnering, laughing and spending time together. But in all seriousness, Ilana is fantastic and is the distinguishing factor in her services. The level of genuine passion she exudes for what she does and the highest level of care is tangible in every interaction. You truly will not find anyone like her, and I’m genuinely thankful for Ilana and her team.

Ilana Ashley Events - Janet and Alfred Testimonial - black and white photo of bride walking across street with bridesmaids


I knew I needed to hire a professional event planner to produce my wedding…and I’m so glad that I hired Ilana! Her tactfulness, professionalism and determination resulted in the perfect wedding. With her outstanding vendor relationships and impeccable reputation, I received the best professionals in the field. Ilana dealt with all of the important details that go into planning and coordinating a complicated affair, allowing me to fully relax and experience every precious moment. She listened to my ideas, understood my vision, and then created an event that exceeded my expectations. I completely trusted her throughout the entire process. With Ilana at the helm, I wholeheartedly enjoyed the planning process and wedding day. Thanks to Ilana, my wedding day was truly magical. My husband and I will be forever grateful to Ilana and Ilana Ashley Events.


Ilana Ashley Events - Loretta Mother of Bride Testimonial - bride with hair down mother of bride in purple fuchsia dress

Mother of
the Bride


It has taken me a while to come down from one of the most exciting days of my life, but I would be remiss if I didn’t let you know what a fantabulous job you did for my daughter’s wedding! The first time I met you, I thought to myself “She knows her stuff!” and throughout the wedding planning and wedding day, you never disappointed. During the wedding day, friends asked me if I was nervous and I easily responded with a “No.” I was completely at ease because I knew you and your team had everything under control. What a relief that was!

Ilana, thank you so very much for ensuring my daughter had the best day of her life! I will forever sing your praises.



Ilana Ashley Events - Hannah and Jeff Testimonial - Jewish wedding ceremony wood chuppah white flowers greenery


For an organized, control-freak like me, handing the reins over to someone else was not easy. But I couldn’t have imagined anyone more equipped to carry out all my months and months of planning. I never stressed for one second on the day-of the wedding because I knew that I was in more than capable hands with Ilana and her team. That allowed me to thoroughly enjoy the best day of my life without a care in the world. We used IAE’s “day-of-coordination” package, but calling Ilana our “day-of coordinator” is kind of a misnomer. Ilana worked with us for months leading up to the wedding to make sure that she understood our vision and that we had dotted every “i” and crossed every “t”. On the day-of, everything was set up exactly how we wanted and the event flowed seamlessly. Plus, she and her staff were cheerful and professional. I can’t recommend Ilana Ashley Events enough!


Ilana Ashley Events - Melissa and Brandon Testimonial - wedding portrait golden hour sunset wedding dress low back


We LOVE Ilana! Ilana is hands down the BEST at what she does. First of all, she is such a sweet person and an absolute joy to have around. So working with her before the wedding felt like hanging out with an old friend rather than work. She is also incredibly knowledgeable about the wedding industry and has a lot of contacts and vendor referrals. She proceeded to completely blow us away on the wedding day. She made sure she knew exactly what we were expecting on our wedding day and then brought it all to life so perfectly. We could not have done it without her. We loved all of our vendors but Ilana was for sure the best money we spent. Ilana made this day so special for us and we cannot thank her enough! No joke, we wouldn’t have even survived it without her! BEST EVER PARTY PLANNER!

Melissa + Brandon

Ilana Ashley Events - Sarah and William Testimonial - wedding portrait groom giving bride forehead kiss sweetheart neckline



I had to write and share the most heartfelt THANK YOU!! You and your team were absolute rock stars and I cannot thank you all enough for your tireless hard work over many, many months. We could never have done this wedding without IAE!! Our wedding was the most beautiful, magical day of my entire life. When the big day arrived, I felt so supported and taken care of that I was able to relax, enjoy my friends and family, and just truly live in the moment. To have these memories forever is truly the best gift I could have ever been given! Thank you again for everything and big hugs to all the ladies on your team!!!



Ilana Ashley Events - Lilly and Wesley Parents of Bride Testimonial - bride with mother of bride in blue gown and father

Parents of
the bride

We think of you often with warm reflections of Jaci & Matt’s wedding. You are truly amazing, talented, professional and an awesome boss lady!

Lilly & Wesley

Ilana Ashley Events - Jessie and Sean Testimonial - wedding portrait back of bride in wedding dress veil sunshine groom suit


From the start, Ilana’s focus and attention, professionalism and warmth blew me away. Here is a person who truly listens, truly cares about your vision, and truly has the knowledge and expertise to make it happen. At our first sit-down meeting with the venue, Ilana came prepared with questions I never would have thought to ask —and yet, they were of extreme importance. She is armed and ready with a list of stellar vendor recommendations, and her input on décor, style, trends, and the overall flow of events is spot on. I was very busy with my career during the wedding planning phase, but Ilana kindly and efficiently kept me on top of every deadline. She confirmed and coordinated all details with our vendors to make sure everything would run as smoothly as possible and created a timeline of events for the big day, saving me an invaluable amount of time, energy, and stress. Enlisting Ilana’s assistance allowed my fiancé and I to maintain a sense of normalcy during an otherwise hectic time – absolutely priceless. Suddenly, the big day arrived and everything went off without a hitch. I spent the morning doing hair and makeup with my bridesmaids (according to a schedule Ilana organized for us, preventing us from losing track of time in our room full of champagne and loud music!). When we arrived on-site, I was overjoyed by everything that had already been set up beautifully. To no one’s surprise, there was Ilana, sleek in all black and poised with her headset, directing her staff and organizing the vendors as they set up. Everything went smoothly except for a few minor hiccups, which Ilana handled professionally, tactfully, and discreetly—as if they never happened. I’m sure other issues arose, but I was blissfully unaware because Ilana likely problem-solved before it would affect us. She allowed our day to be about the two of us joining together in marriage, rather than working, party planning, and hosting. Because isn’t that the whole point? To have a supremely magical and romantic day that is just about the two of you; to be present rather than concerned about what should happen next. That is precisely what Ilana gave to us and our wedding wouldn’t have been nearly as wonderful and memorable without her!


Ilana Ashley Events - Julia and Bobby Testimonial - black and white photo of happy groom with bride hugging wedding reception


Dear Ilana,

We don’t know where to begin on thanking you for making our wedding perfect! We were so lucky to have you along the way through our planning process! You truly went above and beyond for us! We love you so much!! We literally could not have done this without your support! Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and planner! You are so amazing at what you do! We truly couldn’t have done any of this without you!!!!! Best day of our entire lives, we are so lucky!!!!! You bring such joy to others!!!!!! Thank you!!! For everything!!!! We can’t wait to see you next time we’re in LA!

Love Love Love you!

Bobby & Julia

Ilana Ashley Events - Stacey and Jeremy Testimonial - wedding portrait bride in headband ribbon tie kissing groom grey suit


We love Ilana! Her attention to detail is out of this world and she truly works hard to give you the best day of your life. My husband said at the end of the night: “Wow, Ilana and her team were fantastic! They worked so hard and made it all flow!” All of our guests really felt the love that was in the air, and they loved the food and all the special touches that Ilana Ashley Events had set up.

Trust me, on your most special day, hiring Ilana Ashley Events will be the best money you’ve ever spent. It ensures that you will truly be in the moment. You will have less stress and enjoy an amazing event. Even after the wedding, I felt completely exhilarated—with Ilana Ashley Events on the job, everything went better than I ever could have imagined!


Ilana Ashley Events - Sarica and Darren Testimonial - happy bride in lace wedding dress headpiece groom in tuxedo


To the absolute best and most amazing miracle worker - thank you for making our wedding as perfect as it was. We never saw you stressed, you took care of us and our loved ones, and made us feel like a king and queen on our most special day. Thank you for all that you did to make our dream wedding come true.

With Much Love,

Sarica & Darren

Ilana Ashley Events - Jessica and Patrick Testimonial - black and white bride and groom wedding photo books library


We always knew that we would need a wedding coordinator…we just had no idea how much we would need a wedding coordinator. First of all, Ilana’s ‘day-of’ services were hardly ‘day-of.’ At the pre-wedding venue visit, she went through an elaborate checklist with us. In the weeks and days leading up to the wedding, she checked-in with us regularly to make sure that we were on-track and on-top of all the details. The rehearsal that she coordinated was productive and didn’t stress anyone out (really!). And then came the day-of the wedding – Ilana and her staff exceeded absolutely every expectation we had for ‘day-of’ wedding coordination services. They were professional, prompt and made themselves experts on every part of our event. Most importantly, they were always calm and pleasant. Their lack of stress set the tone for us and the wedding party. Even though we had done a lot of the planning and crafting for our wedding, on the day-of the event, Ilana and her team made sure that we were not worried about anything other than marrying each other. Really, we cannot say enough about IAE! We could never have pulled it off without the sterling and down-to-earth services of Ilana and her team. Endless thanks!

Jessica & Patrick

Ilana Ashley Events - Meaghan and Greg Testimonial - happy groom in tuxedo first look photo bride in strapless lace dress


Dear Ilana,

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us make our wedding so beautiful and special. You and your team blew us away with your attention to detail, hard work and passion for what you do. We had so much fun planning our big day with you, and your coordination enabled the day to go perfectly! Thank you again!


Meaghan & Greg

Ilana Ashley Events - Nancy Mother of the Groom Testimonial - mother of groom in pattern gown with father of groom portrait

Mother of
the groom


I just wanted you to know that my husband and I thought the weekend was a huge success. I have received loads of wonderful comments from family and friends. Thank you and your staff for helping us with the logistics for the rehearsal dinner. Thank you for all the assistance and support you gave Sarah and Billy. I know it’s your job but I feel you gave it your all…Planning this long distance and with the crazy hours they both work proved more challenging than they both imagined. You kept the ball moving so they had the wedding experience they wished for.

With much gratitude,


Ilana Ashley Events - Juli Mother of the Bride Testimonial - mother of bride helping bride zip into wedding dress

Mother of
the Bride

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything that you did!! We would have been lost without you!


Ilana Ashley Events - Danika and Nic Testimonial - bride and groom kiss at ceremony veil strapless gown passion love



We very much appreciated your patience, good humor and composure on our wedding day. It was a truly perfect day, and we credit you for that. You are a special person, and we thank you for sharing yourself and your talents with us one month ago today!

Our Very Best,

Danika and Nic

Ilana Ashley Events - Lori and Michael Parents of Groom Testimonial - father of groom tux mother of groom gown pink petals

Parents of
the Groom

Dear Ilana,

We couldn’t have done this without you and your team! You understood our vision and executed it beautifully. It was an amazing wedding that we will remember for the rest of our lives. You are a remarkably talented young lady, and we can’t thank you enough for everything!

Love Always,

Lori & Michael

Ilana Ashley Events - Michelle and Jeremy Testimonial - Bride and groom wedding portrait bicycle in foreground halo veil


Having only attended one wedding prior to my engagement, I felt extremely lost within the wedding planning chaos. Prior to hiring Ilana, I spoke with her on the phone. She took the time to explain things to me, and truly made me feel at ease. Ilana Ashley Events has developed wonderful organizational tools that allow their clients, including myself, to remain focused and ensure that everything that needs to be done gets accomplished and within a timely manner. On my special day, Ilana and her extremely polite and professional assistants came 100% prepared to the wedding. We could not have done it without them! Ilana Ashley Events made our dream wedding come true. I can honestly say that our wedding day was PERFECT, with absolutely no drama, no confusion and no hassle. For any couple searching for a wedding planner, I would highly recommend that Ilana and her team be part of your special day!

With great thanks,

Michelle & Jeremy

Ilana Ashley Events - Sarah & Adam Testimonial - Bride and groom wedding portrait strapless dress veil hair down groom in tux


Our day was perfect and we couldn’t have done it without IAE, who was with us every step of the way, and their incredible vendor dream team!

Sarah & Adam


Dear Ilana,

Thank you for everything! Our day was perfect and you are incredible at what you do. We highly recommend your good work to anyone and everyone!

Much Love,

Lena & Aaron